There are many good folks that either work for Insurance companies or Public Adjusting Firms. Good Public Adjusters make a significant difference and are necessary in many claims. Most people still have no idea that there is even a such of thing as a Public Adjuster, nor what a Public Adjuster is. Personally and I probably would have never known what a public adjuster was if I would have not had a significant loss occur to my former Business many years ago. 

Are all Public Adjusters Created Equal?

All Public Adjusters are not created equal. As a result of our principles own losses and dissatisfactions he encountered in retaining Public Adjusting services, he became a Public Adjuster and our company is founded to provide the best possible service for each individual client.

All Public Adjusters ARE NOT created equal?

Hail Damage: After we gained recovery on surrounding homes another Public Adjuster received Denial and gained no recovery for our Clients Neighbor his client.

Recently we had the privilege of handling several Hail claims in a subdivision. While we had successfully gained recovery on surrounding residences another Public Adjusting Firm failed to make recovery, receiving a Denial and the Homeowner gained no recovery. 

Hurricane Damage: Public Adjuster Documents Claim for over $800,000 then signs Appraisal Award for less than $100,000

A Large Public Adjusting Firm had made claim over $800,000 in damages in a commercial Claim, although then agreed and signed an Appraisal Award for less than $100,000. When the Insured sued them they were not able to receive recovery as this firm had no Errors or Omissions Insurance. Rather Changed their name to a similar one and went back to business as normal. 

Are all Public Adjusters created equal? Are all Public Adjusters created equal?

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Are all Public Adjusters created equal?